Saturday, July 28, 2012


My collection of partially used Palette yarn was a mess. Tangles everywhere, or better known as Yarn Barf.
I signed up for the Ravellinics in the Toy Toss with Team MochiMochi, my goal is to make a few of the Gnomes out of the palette yarn.
I love this yarn, it is perfect for mittens and of course Toys!
While watching some of the events in London there was a marathon yarn winding going on at my desk.

Now all the little and not so little balls of barf are nicely wound cakes.

So pretty all the colors together. And look there is even a Purple ball in there. Next step is organizing them by color family. Only question remains, where to put that Purple ball?
Oh, and I think I need more yellow and maybe some red.......
Me, I call myself a collector of color :)

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