Monday, July 09, 2012


Blogger and I are having some serious problems with uploading foto's, it is not the computer because from whatever computer at this house I try, it is still sh*t!
I was going to post about the cakes I am making out of felt and have some very nice artistic arranged project pics. 
Well this is all that came of it. big stripes in the middle.

 Then I was going to blog about poor Jeremy who after being gone missing for a day turned up this morning and his face on one side is all swollen and he has cuts behind his ear and on his head. Don't know what fight he was into, but we are hoping everything will turn out fine.
Of course I put a nice blanket down for him on the bench and went to see if he wanted to sit next to me.
Sure enough he came to me and curled right up. Poor fellah.

 Finally there are progress pics of the Leftie shawl and the Latvian sock KAL.
this is what the blog did with my pictures after spending half an hour uploading and deleting the things.
Uploading at Ravelry and Flikr goes without any trouble.

Well there you have it, rant over. If anyone knows a solution, please let me know.

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