Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The weather here has been nice, but is sure has not been summer weather. Normally we would have warm days and I would be sitting outside very early in the morning while it is still cool and watch the world wake up with a cup of coffee and my knitting or a good book.
Now I for one don't like the really hot days, I even prefer this weather if it was not just a tad to cold. Around the 85 degrees and no wind is perfect for me. The Sunsets are pretty though.

 And one of the socks for the Latvian KAL is done, with the second one almost done. Because I designed them myself, they are knit two at a time so there would be no guessing while one is done and the second one still needs to be started and I can not read my notes anymore.

Jeremy likes the sock too, it is nice and warm and almost covers him.

Of course I had to start another pair, while the KAL is still going. Started these last night, so much fun to make all those little circles.

 My new "thing" is making little cakes out of wool felt. And while browsing Pinterest on cute cake stands, it gave me an idea to make my own. Discount plates and glasses from the store and some from my own a bit of glue and voila!
Anybody has some old plates and candlesticks/glasses for me?

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Nicole said...

Wow, clever idea on the cake stand! Love it!