Saturday, July 07, 2012


This morning we decided it was time to go out for breakfast for a change. After eating way to much on pancakes and omelets the plan was hatched we needed a good hike. So on to Pinnacles we went.
It was early and it already was way to warm but we went anyway.
Plenty of people had the same idea, and it was already filling up even though it was not yet nine thirty.
We walked the trail to the reservoir the other way around then most people do, that way we had sun on the way there and on the way back it was mostly shadow and the cave.

 Blogger is loading my pictures crappy again. :(

 Look a forced smile, I don't do good in the heat.

 Of course I was wearing hand knit socks in my hiking shoes and another hiker noticed (this proves that knitters are everywhere) so on the trail we started talking socks! Nothing better than a very hot day and talk knitting. HA!

Of course no blog post is complete without a picture of Paco.

 Tomorrow a knitting update from my Latvian KAL stockings.

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