Saturday, August 11, 2012

Boy and Llama

It has been really warm the last few days. I enjoy the cool mornings and the cool air late at night. During the day we tend to stay indoors, if possible because DS school has started this week and sometimes you have to get out to get groceries and run other errands.
Paco does not seem to mind the heat. 
If I show up with the camera at the fence he happily comes over.
In this pictures it looks like he wants to give me a kiss :) 

And then there was this, it was only after I took the pictures that we realized the two of them have the same expression on their face.

 I really like this one, it totally cracks me up

Where ever DS goes, Jeremy is not far behind.

 And when the two of them realize I snook up on them there was a mutual "Moooooom" one in Human language and one in Feline

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Nicole said...

So cute! Love it.