Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Taken over.

Gnomes have taken over the farm, they are trouble all six of them.
Jeremy can't have a decent nap anymore.

 Paco surely does not approve of all the ruckus.

 The chickens are just nosy....

 They climb every fence in sight.

Play in the garden and pick the flowers

 Hmmm, what is that?? They might have a partner in crime.

 They play on the slide without adult supervision

Try to take the car for a joyride

 Swing from the chandelier

 play in the tub


OK, this is it, I am calling the Ravellinics complete and have crossed the finish line.
Back to the socks, if there are no Gnomes playing in the yarn that is.


Nicole said...

Crazy gnomes...

Miss Kitty said...

OMG, is there a pattern for these awesome little gnomies?