Saturday, September 15, 2012


Since I can't really afford a spinning wheel (yet) a spindle is well within my budget. And shopping online through Etsy is way to much fun.
I had never really spun yarn with a spindle, I did own one, a very crude and cheap model that I could not get to work. 
But my shiny new spindle is whirling very well.

Look at that tiny skein of yarn, granted it has some purple in it since the bat I ordered was no longer in stock the nice lady send me a lovely bat free of charge. Only downside (and it is for sure not the sellers fault!) it was purple and pink, I butchered the purple part of the bat with my first attempt of spinning.
Curse words and flocks of wool flew through the room, but by the time the pink wool was in sight I got the spinning under control. Hey, I even plied it!!

After the pink I felt confident enough to start the real stuff.

Meanwhile at the farm the Jerusalem Artishokes are in full bloom, looking very pretty all those yellow flowers. The weather is still warm and I for one can't wait for rain and cold weather.

The boys love the warm weather and enjoy sitting on the porch with a book.


Nicole said...

Looks great, even if there is some p-p-p-purple in it!

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Yay for making yarn! I have several spindles, which I use occasionally. I don't really desire a spinning wheel, but maybe that's because I've never tried one? I bought a knitting machine once, and returned it unopened, because I realized what I loved about my knitting was that it traveled wtih me. I have the same feeling for spinning. And I enjoy the knitting so much that I don't wan't to take time from it with production spinning.