Saturday, September 29, 2012


 Time to blog is being put on the back burner these days. Since DS started a new school and his times are different we are home later that we where used to. Then there is dinner to cook, chores to do and finally I fall in a chair do some knitting while watching mindless TV and go to bed. The weekends go crazy fast, because I want to cram all the fun things to craft into two days.
I blame Pinterest for all the ideas that make my head explode.

 And of course last night my lingering sore throat got worse, top it off with a sinus headache and no sleep. Why does it always have to be the weekend?

 Paco on the other hand does not seem interested in my whining and has only one thing on his mind, stealing Tess' mash. It tastes like peppermint and this Llama looooooooves peppermint.
He tries to hide it and give us a very innocent face. Totally cracks me up how one of the pieces of straw hangs out the front of his face like spaghetti.

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Nicole said...

Thank you for confirming that I do not want to join Pintrest. I already have enough trouble with all the projects on Ravelry!