Sunday, January 22, 2012


There are finally clouds!! We needed the rain so bad around here. It started Friday night with a nice storm and heavy wind. I just love that kind of weather. Laying in bed listening to the rain against the roof and the windows, the wind howling past the house, that to me is cozy!
The weatherman is promising us some more today and he better be right.

 My thumb is slowly healing and the doc said I could take the splint of every once in a while. It is now six weeks and not being able to do stuff you want to do is slowly but surely driving me batty. Pinterest is addicting but with the downside that one gets lots of craft ideas. I have been knitting, I started with big needles and a few rows every day. Then I moved on to the almost finished projects that I started before Christmas and could not finish.

 Only thing missing from these where the buttons, I put them on yesterday and DS delivered them to the neighbor yesterday.

 DH wanted a pair of mittens and since I always wanted to do a pair of Komi mittens, these where started last week.

 Also finished with only a few rows to go since Christmas, a baby hat. Going to deliver that tomorrow.

And the Votter, also finally finished. These have been in the making since the end of October, beginning of November. 

Tomorrow I have another doc appointment for my thumb, hopefully by tomorrow afternoon I can finally say the splint goodbye. Doc thinks that I need some "thumb-therapy" for a while.