Sunday, April 29, 2012

Work in Progress

My works in progress,
The Monica shawl, lace work with lots of beads. Very slow going since there are beads to ad, a lot of beads. 

 Some, dare I say it, crochet. it is going to be a banner to brighten up a room.

My favorite button.
 Together with this one,

 Gloves in progress for our dear neighbor, my own design, almost one done!

Color work socks, no porch knitting with dpn's, if one drops through the cracks it is gone. And I for one am not going to crawl underneath there.

 My favorite so far, just turned the heel, thinking this sock will be done by the end of the week. Then another week for the second one.

Love this pattern, it breaks up the color really nice and it is a quick knit, no glancing at charts required.

 And there you have it, all nice and neat on the line.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


A few weeks ago I finished a test knit for the wonderful Anna from Mochimochi land, this time around it was a gnome.
I love this big fella, his name is Gnorman.
He tried to fly but that is not really his "cuppa tea", Gnorman likes to shop at the Gnome Depot.

His best friend is a fairy that lives in his beard,

 He hangs out at the barn a lot, if he is not traveling to Gnorway and The Gnetherlands.

I think Gnorman needs a brother or maby he needs a girlfriend!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


we counted (on only one side of the barn) 49 nests!

Monday, April 16, 2012


There are animals enough around here, big birds, little birds you name it.
A very busy woodpecker is attempting to make Swiss cheese from the tree in the front, I listened to him all Sunday morning while enjoying my coffee on the front porch.
There are also two crows in the tree next to the barn, not to mention the two Blue Jays that hang around next to the porch. Very entertaining.
And of course there are the predators flying around.

 One of the barn kitties, they are getting big.

 And our favorite animal, he sure is a character, Paco.

And recently there is this, my guess, about a hundred of them. Watching Swallows build their nests out of clay and doing their acrobatics is fun. But just in case you need to be in the barn, or walk by, you might need an umbrella to shield from the poop-rain. They are both in the back and in the front, there is no escape. My laundry gets pooped on, our car gets pooped on...........

 But they sure are fun to watch!

Tess does not really agree on that, I think, she rather munches on the fresh green grass.

Color in the garden

Crawling around in the garden, again, this time I am drawn in by the colors.

 My favorite, the Orange, oooh the Orange!


Spending time with the Chickens,

 They do like to sunbathe,

 play with the water in the kiddie pool,

 Look pretty,
 and look very "bad ass"

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Little bugs

Give me a camera, pretty flowers and lots of bugs and I am just a kid in a candy store. I spend hours crawling around the garden taking pictures.
Only thing not to be found when you really want them, BIG spiders. 
Spiders are just the most interesting to photograph with a macro lens, but for now some ants and a tiny spider will do.

 And of course the busy bees.......