Sunday, March 24, 2013


Saturday morning we headed out to the beach,  we love combing the beach and running around.
No matter what age you are there are always things to see and find. Although I admit being the big kid and always get sidetracked by little things I see. 

 It doesn't get any easier to get our teenager to take a decent picture with one of his parents. This time it ended up in a game of catch and lots of laughter. I do love this picture, it shows of how silly we are.

 Trying to pick up the rock that is half way in the shore line covered by incoming waves is one of our favorite games.

 Today we just hung around the house, sat outside in the sun and beside some laundry and cooking there was plenty of time for knitting.

One mitten for the Latvian KAL is done.
I named it "Oranje Boven". Thought it was an appropriate name for my Dutch heritage and to remember the yarn dominance on the color work.

 anybody else gets a kick out of color coordinating the laundry with the back ground? It is one of my favorite views from the kitchen window, red barn, red laundry.

 My knitting buddy showing off the mitten he "helped" knitting. (read, when I knit outside it is a constant battle between him on my lap and the yarn)

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