Sunday, April 28, 2013


It has been almost a year ago when there where two litters of kittens in one of the barns.
Some are feral and are still living there, although some died too. But the ones posted here went to live in the house with our neighbors and two where adopted.
Now they are old enough to take up residence in the big red barn. One of the stalls was cleared out for them and furnished with the finest cat beds (three beds, but they insist on sleeping together) toys and litter-boxes.
It took some training to have them come inside at night. We spend the first few days two to three hours (and four people) to round them up and have them come inside. After that it was a done deal and now we can see them frolic around the farm. Favorite past time is chasing the chickens and playing in the long grass next to our house.

This is Bert, the ring leader of the three. He is fearless and a bit of a loner.

 And this is Ernie, follower, curious and always together with Charlotta. He is very loving and always comes up for cuddles.

 And Charlotta, the dainty female. Even her miauw is dainty. If she hears me outside she will call out to me and after a while come close for a pet or two.  She is the fluffy one, and the most colored from the whole litter.

 The grass is so much fun to play in.

 I bet this is the cat version of playing hide and seek.

 Jeremy however is not really sure about all this, he is fine watching them play in the grass.

 He even got pounced on yesterday. BTW, he was not happy with that and Bert was placed in his right position. Jeremy is still King!
The porch is still his domain and he watches them like a hawk on the top of the stairs. Bert has been swatted away several times.

Here the two of us have a good conversation about how we think it is OK for him to stay king of the porch, we will let the situation resolve on it's own. Besides it is too much fun to watch how he slowly warms up to them.

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Nicole said...

Oh, they are all adorable! Except for Jeremy, of course, who is as handsome and kingly as ever.