Sunday, April 14, 2013

They are Baaaack!

The swallows are back in full force! There is no way one can walk out to or in the barn without dodging poop.
And if you see a car driving around with white polka-dots, it is us and it is no paint.
There are two big crows that hang around the barn the whole year and I bet it is only for this event they stay year round. The eggs and the young birds that fall out of the nests are easy snacks for the crows and Jeremy the cat.

 This is the view from our kitchen window.

 While I was baking bread.

 They are acrobats and fun to watch, despite the poop situation.

 Jeremy prefers to wait until they have little birds that fall out of the nest or learn how to fly. He is way to lazy to get out of his "bed" in the afternoon.

 On Saturday I finally finished my socks. Pattern is called "sock strap" and is free on Ravelry

 Started a new pair of socks and my second mitten for the KAL

Now it is time to go and watch the amazing race!

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