Saturday, May 25, 2013

Balloons, Planes and Cars.

Last Saturday after I spend the previous two days sick at home, it was time to venture out just for a little bit. The San Martin Air museum had their annual open house. Perfect for a short visit. It starts at 7 in the morning with the balloons, so we went early.
Something about hot air balloons is always magical and makes one happy. Maybe it is all the colors that  fill the sky.

 Plenty of "old" planes too.
 And this replica.

 The two gentlemen where Japanese and taking each others pictures in front of the plane. Totally funny to watch because they had an argument over what was the best pose. We don't speak japanese but their actions said it all.

 A few old cars already parked, since the car show did not start until 9.30 am

 This picture is for my dad, I know he needs one of these for his car, we have been on the lookout but they are not that easy to find.

This one totally reminded me of the little red Triumph my parents had when I was a child.

 Gotta love kids with a passion, we stood and watched this little guy for a while. There was a display of old farm equipment, all in working order of course. He tinkered with them, got them started and his face just beamed with pride.

 Love it, the world needs kids like this to keep the history going!

 Downtown Gilroy also had a car show going that morning, and we drove in just as they got parked.

 This is hands down my dream car, I just would love to drive one of these babies! Can totally see myself cruising down the 1 in this.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers day

Happy Mothers day!
We had a brunch with pancakes and fresh fruit, prepared by DS!

 He is becoming an excellent pancake chef!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Dress

Knitting update,
One of my many projects (I do have a case of startitis lately). This dress turned out so cute, I made it for   the daughter of one of my co-workers.
Right now I am knitting on a baby shower gift for another co-worker. I am so lucky they all apreciate hand knit items, since I love knitting tiny human clothes.


My hair got to long, and too boring. You know that feeling that you want something totally different and you want it right now? 
It had been bugging me for a few days, I wanted something new and short and totally different. So this morning the time came and just before noon I became a red head.

 Totally digging the new look, the husband and son like it too!
The cats don't care how I look, as long as they get my full attention and a conversation while we take our evening stroll.
Oh, and food of course.

 The Cherries in the orchard across the street are looking very good right now, can't wait for them to be ripe so we can buy some.